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  • What is the Payment Policy?
    All fees are simple and straightforward:
    • It’s always free to list an item for sale on Pyarababy.
    • After your item sells, we deduct a small fee from the final order price. For all sales the fee is a flat rate of 15%.
    • The shipping is to be borne by the seller and customer partially. After deduction of 15% fee and partial shipping cost the rest amount is transferred to the seller as per the payment cycle, which is, 7 days after delivery date.
  • How are refunds handled and paid for?

    We have returns and refunds only in case of a damaged or defective product received. The customer is required to make an unboxing video while opening the package just to avoid any conflict of interest with seller at a later stage. The seller is required to send pre and post packaging videos of the ordered product. Please ensure that there is no defect in the product that has not been disclosed earlier, to avoid return.

    In case a customer receives a defective or damaged product, please email, call or message us within 48 hours of receipt of the product. Once we confirm and approve the return, we will send the shipping label that needs to be used to return the item.

    Once our third party delivery vendor picks up the product which is raised to be refunded, it will be delivered to the seller address. The amount will be refunded once the product has been delivered.


  • How is Shipping handled?
    Shipping for PyaraBaby is handled by our 3rd party delivery vendors. The shipping item is picked from seller's location and transported to the customer.
    The shipping cost has to be borne by the seller and customer partially which is approximately, which is ascertained once the seller shares the dimensions of the packaged product. Shipping from customer is fixed depending on the product purchased. We charge the shipping cost from seller on actuals only.
    The shipping cost will be deducted from the seller payout for seller and for customer it is levied at time of checkout.
  • How can I sell more?

    Here are some tips to maximise your sale and payouts.

    1. To sell more you can bundle up low-value products.

    For example instead of selling baby clothes and shoes separately, you can pair them up and make a nice set. 

    For toys you can club up similar toys and make a nice package of toys. 

    This will help it be economical for customer and might help you sell more. It will also be economical for you in terms of shipping costs.
    2. Sellers should add as much product description as they can (including but not limited to features, usage, condition (new, almost new, extra loved)) so as to enable customers to make an informed decision and to derive successful sales of the products listed.

    3. Try to keep the price of the items lower than price of similar new items available online.

  • How can I Fulfill an order?
    Once you receive an order, you can login to your account to fulfil your order. We can also do that in your behalf. You just need to pack the product and leave the rest on us. It can't get any simpler!
  • How can I add my products to sell?
    To add a product, please ensure you have completed the steps below:

    1) Please create your seller account or if you are already a seller, please login.
    2) Please go to Profile<My account and add all your personal details here.

    3) Please go to Products<Add product methods and fill in all the details asked for.

    That's it! Your product will be visible on the website and you can add as many products as you want.
    Happy selling!
  • How to ship the product properly?
    1. Please use sturdy cardboard boxes or 2-3 layers of bubble wrap for shipping your product.
    2. Please use rigid boxes which are intact and not flimsy or damaged boxes. 
    3. Please remove any other labels and other previous shipping markings on the box in case you are reusing the box.
    5. Please clean & sanitize the box before shipping, else the product might get dirty.
    6. Please use cartons of the appropriate size to avoid high Shipping fees.
    7. Please ensure products are safely padded and are not moving around in the boxes.
    8. Please tape the boxes securely. Do not use string or paper over wrap.
    9. Stick shipping label with recipient details provided by Pyarababy.
    11. Please don't use fancy boxes/packaging or fabric packaging that won't hold up.

    Important notice: Place a duplicate address label inside the package
  • What price should i keep for my product?
    For Pricing your product make sure to do a quick review of similar products available online. 

    • For Brand new items/Unused Items - 80-90% of the original price

    • For  Some Used Items - 60-70% of the original price

    • For Gently Loved Items - 40-50% of the original price

    • For Extraloved Items - 30-40% of the original price

    Please note, we do charge some shipping from customers too, so please take that into consideration too when comparing with online prices. As these are preloved products, the customers will buy these only if they get a considerable benefit from buying new products.
  • How is the quality of product ensured?
    We have a team who takes all the necessary details from the seller regarding their product for the customer to make an informed decision. We try to be as descriptive as possible. In case there is still any information needed, we are always there to help. We can also arrange more pictures and videos from the seller. 

    Before dispatching the product, we check the latest pictures and videos before it is packed and also ensure that the product has been properly packaged in order to avoid any in-transit damage. 

    Still, if a customer receives a damaged or defective product, full refund is available in that case, including shipping charges. 
  • Is PyaraBaby trustworthy?
    It has been almost 2 years since PyaraBaby's launch now and we take customer service as a priority. 

    You can also check our customer reviews here:

    You can check our reviews by some of our sellers here:

  • Are products listed under warranty?
    If a product has a valid warranty, it will be mentioned in the product description.
  • Is Cash on Delivery option available?
    We do have COD available for products upto INR 2,000 only. 
    For products priced above INR 2,000 we only have prepaid option available. 
  • How can we cancel once an order is placed?
    Please note, that an order can only be canceled before it has been dispatched. We won't be able to cancel an order if it has been dispatched by the seller. 

    Also, we will deduct 5% from the refund amount in case of an order being canceled in lieu of bank transaction charges. 
  • How to track my order?
    Once the product has been dispatched, we'll share tracking details both by Whatsapp as well as email, provided in order details.
    In case an order is being delayed, we'll notify the same to the customer via Whatsapp.